that flashing line. what to write? what to say?

I’m using this space as a place to let it out. to let my mind just go wherever it wants. finally getting my maiden name back after dealing with emotional trauma that was in that relationship and forgetting the shitty things he and his family said to me without feeling guity. figuring out what i want in my relationship with my dad, who also emotionally abused me growing up. loneliness from starting over with new friends in a new chapter of my life. learning to speak for myself when I never have before. building confidence to tell people to fuck off when they deserve it, and to do it tactfully when necessary. goals. maybe i’m funny. maybe i can do something with that. hermitting too hard due to self doubt.

i can give my opinions in a tactful way, regardless of how it will be received. arguments about politics and social issues always make me shy away. i’m a white female, maybe my opinion will offend someone. no. i am a good person with an open mind and am capable of speaking my mind. i am struggling with these discussions on facebook especially. friends are posting racist things and i respond to a point, but i just stop. should i keep arguing? should i keep voicing my opinion when the other person just obviously doesnt get it? i will stand up for black lives matter. i will stand up for women being treated poorly because they’re women. maybe i can find a meme/photo that represents me being upset because the person speaking is a moron. use my awkwardness to portray my displeasure. i just have to be able to support what im saying with words i guess.


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