Gotta be practical

5 a day – Challenge. 

Is it ridiculous that my first pick was crab? If I’m on a deserted island… I assume crab and seafood would be somewhat accessible. 

My five:

(Trying to balance out things dietarily…)

1. Chicken – eggs for days

2. Apples- plant them seeds and get apples for days. 

3. Cocoa- I cannot live without some sort of chocolate. 

4 Coffee beans- I cannot live without some sort of coffee. 

5. Cauliflower- my latest obsession. 
Did I just make the dumbest list? I think I just listed off what I take with me to work almost daily… Well. Hard boiled eggs. Not actually chickens, dummy. 


Let’s try this again.

I want to do things with my sense of humor. I think I’m hillarious. Well. Pretty funny at least. No. Hillarious. I need to learn to give myself more credit for things.

Today at work I had someone treat me like their secretary. I just kind of gave her an attitude and said I had my own things to do. I’m not going to let that happen. I want to look for a new job. Maybe something part time so I can go back to school. Maybe I want to try something completely different with my life.

I got my tattoo 2 days ago. I already feel cooler. Is that a thing? I want more. I love that I’m learning to love myself and figure out who I am. I’m proud of being known as a tough cookie. I’ve gone through my shit, now it’s time to reap the benefits: I’m a fucking badass and I don’t give myself credit for it. Time to dress well all the time. Always have awesome make up (Lord knows I pay enough for it). Put myself out there instead of feeding other people my jokes. I’m well supported by an amazing guy who makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. And then when I thank him for supporting me he just responds that I should always be my own person and that I can do anything that I want. Man. He’s amazing. I’m lucky.

Okay no more feels. Barf. I gotta go do this whole tattoo cleaning regimen. I get to use lotion today. I’ve never been more excited for that in my life. Oh except for aloe vera after getting burnt. That happened. But maybe I can get full ROM of my arm soon!